Why Office Cafes Are Actually Super Important

There is plenty of evidence to show that a more inviting workspace can lead to better employee wellness and productivity, and there’s no reason that design goals should stop short before the office cafe.

Cafes: The Most Overlooked Office Room? 

The evidence is clear that the benefits of a pleasant and comfortable workplace (including every part of the workplace) improves productivity and morale. 

Employers want their office cafes to be a place where employees love to gather and discuss ideas, a meaningful place to have a quick break from work to feel comfortable and at home. And it doesn’t take too many changes to turn a strictly utilitarian coffee dispensary into a more welcoming collaborative break space.  

Make the Office Cafe a Place Everyone Wants to Be

image25Even the small decision to put a little more time and effort into furniture choices can have a huge effect on the appeal of an office cafe. 

There are many exciting options to replace these office design afterthoughts. Take for example the National Ditto Stacker Chair: casual, stylish, and easy to move around for spontaneous meetings. 

When you get the National Ditto Stacker Chair from Envirotech, you can also save loads of cash by buying remanufactured or refurbished versions.

Just by adding different types of office furniture, you can turn the office cafe into a real meeting place that helps retain employees. And keeps them happy. 

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