What’s the Value of Remanufactured Furniture Beyond Cost Savings

You’re always looking for ways to provide more value to your clients. One way to do this is by providing more cost saving options. As you guide business owners through major real estate purchases, the added value you can provide in other facets of setting up a new office space can be key contributors to client retention and satisfaction. One of the ways you could save your clients money is by recommending remanufactured office furniture instead of purchasing new.

What is Remanufactured Office Furniture Anyway?

Remanufactured office furniture takes used, high-quality furniture and turns it into just-like-new products with a little bit of TLC. Essentially, our technicians strip down old office furniture, re-sand the wood in order to re-paint, and add new fabric where necessary. You end up with pieces that look like new, but don’t cost like new.

Only the best office furniture is used, so the products remanufactured by Envirotech are top quality. Those structural pieces are maintained and/or repaired as the foundation of the furniture, and the styling is updated through the refurbishing process. The final product looks the same as any new product in the stores or online, but at a lower price.

Why Choose Remanufactured Office Furniture Over New

The first, and most obvious, reason for recommending remanufactured office furniture over new furniture is the cost.

Your clients will save 30-60% by choosing to purchase remanufactured furniture for their new office space.

For customers who may be wary of buying used furniture, the quality is guaranteed with a five-year warranty.

As an additional value-add, you could also suggest that your clients have the supplier handle the project management. In this way, your clients save massive amounts of time and energy by handing over their budget and requirements to an experienced team that can manage it from start to finish.


Second, remanufactured office furniture is more environmentally-friendly than purchasing new furniture. Depending on your clients (and their predicted workforce demographics), having an environmentally-conscious workspace could be a key consideration. Often, the environmentally friendly products are more expensive (like renewable power sources or electric cars). But with remanufactured office furniture, you can assure your client that it is not only less costly, but more sustainable than purchasing new.

Environmental Benefits of Remanufactured Office Furniture:

  • For every pound of remanufactured office furniture purchased, 5-9 lbs of raw material that would have been used in new products are saved, reducing the impact on natural resources.
  • 85-95% less energy is consumed in the production of remanufactured office furniture than for new product manufacture, which reduces the amount of fossil fuels burned.
  • Less waste is driven into traditional solid waste landfills, which reduces land and water contamination.
  • Traditional manufacturing processes are reduced in choosing remanufactured over new products, which lowers the amount of harmful greenhouse gas, nitrous oxides, and volatile organic compound emissions.

Get the Best of Both Worlds with Remanufactured Furniture

Remanufactured office furniture could be the perfect fit for those clients looking to save money after a large real estate purchase. Additionally, you can provide all the options with the added green benefits to help your client stay well informed.

Better Explain the Benefits of Sustainable Office Furniture

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