What Are Envirotech’s Top Office Furniture Brands?

Buying office furniture from Envirotech means you can get products from any of the major companies listed below plus many more. Here’s our list of the top brands that Envirotech remanufactures and refurbishes, and a little background to each one.

Get to Know Our Top Office Furniture Brands

1. Haworth

Founded in 1948, Haworth serves markets in over 120 countries. Haworth is one of the top three office furniture brands in the world and Envirotech is the exclusive refurbisher of Haworth products.

2. Herman Miller

Herman Miller celebrated its 100th year in business in 2005. The Herman Miller Aeron Task chair is an iconic and well-loved office chair. Envirotech is proud to be one of the largest refurbishers of Herman Miller products, backing our Herman Miller chairs with a five-year warranty.

3. Knoll

Knoll is a design firm that develops office furniture and office materials for home, office, and higher-learning settings. The Museum of Modern Art permanently exhibits more than 40 Knoll pieces in its design collection.

4. Teknion

A relatively young company compared to others on this list, Teknion was founded 35 years ago, and launched only a single product during its debut. Teknion has since grown into a much larger international furniture company (with more than one product, of course). However, it is still owned by a single Canadian family, maintaining its youthful founding spirit when competing against older furniture companies.

5. Steelcase

Steelcase, an American company, was founded in 1912 and is the largest furniture manufacturer in the world. The Steelcase Leap chair, often considered to be one of the best ergonomic office chairs, sold 5000 chairs a week during its first year of release.

How Envirotech Restores Used Products by Top Office Furniture Brands

nullEnvirotech remanufactures and refurbishes top brands to bring you brand-worthy, environmentally friendly, and ergonomic products at greatly reduced prices.

A remanufactured product is a product that has some existing parts from discarded furniture combined with new parts. These parts are then manufactured together to create a product that is up to the standards of a brand new piece, but with a much lower price tag due to its recycled parts. A refurbished product is a used piece that has had all its imperfections repaired.

Because a remanufactured product uses some recycled parts, you can get a $1000 chair from a top brand for around $600, and most average users of the furniture would not be able to tell the difference. Remanufactured and refurbished furniture is also helpful to the environment because it saves waste from going into landfills and reduces the amount of new raw materials needed for manufacturing.

Envirotech also remanufactures and refurbishes ergonomic furniture from Haworth, Herman Miller, Knoll, Teknion, and Steelcase, so you won’t just be saving money and helping the environment when you buy used furniture from Envirotech. You’ll also be helping the people who work in your facility improve their physical health and overall wellness and increasing productivity in your workplace.

What’s the Value of Envirotech’s Ergonomic Furniture?

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