The Wonderful World of Office Tables

If you gave a group of children some crayons and a piece of paper and asked them to draw a table, you’d probably get some predictable results. First, you might get a few dragons masquerading as tables, but of the actual table drawings you’ll probably see a flat surface with 2-4 legs underneath. The concept of a table is simple: a surface to work or eat upon or gather around, held up by some kind of support. 

But, as you know, in office design nothing is ever quite that simple. 

No matter what kind of work you do, you’re probably going to need a table. But a table isn’t just a table. The aesthetics and function of a table all need to fit the purposes of your office, your brand, your entire company ethos. Like all office furniture, your tables say a lot about your company. 

Let’s look at some different tables to give a sense of what Envirotech offers for that most fundamental piece of furniture. 

Make Room for Teamwork: Collaborative Tables

image5-2Perfect for a collaborative office space design, collaborative tables offer a warm, open space that is easy to move around to suit any spontaneous brainstorm session. 

Take the Lacasse Nex Cafe Height Table for example: long and simple, perfect for any company that values minimalist design. It’s excellent for devices to be placed upon without the table itself taking too much space, and it’s available in a variety of colours and finishes.

Time to Get Down to Business: Conference Tables

image1-7Just like collaborative tables, when it comes to conference tables each one suits a different function and aesthetic. Generally speaking, we can probably all agree that conference tables are meant to spark a more serious tone than a collaborative table. If collaborative workspaces are where the ideas are created, conference tables are where the deals are done. 

Take a look at the National Universal Conference Table. It’s a classic for a reason. Something about this design just says dependability. You can depend on this table, just as you can depend on the company that owns it. 

Taking the Table Back to the Future

The table itself may be nearly as old as human civilization. But that doesn’t mean new advances and trends aren’t coming to pass. 

The Lacasse Quorum Height Adjustable Table is a table that’s customizable to different heights. That sounds like a simple feature, but if you’ve never had a height adjustable table it can be a revelation, because you can go from a sitting table to a standing desk in just a few seconds. The easy customization allows you to change your workspace for all kinds of different situations.

Along with the Lacasse Quorum table, most of Envirotech’s tables are available in remanufactured and refurbished versions for lower cost and less environmental impact, perfect for meeting government environmental mandates. 

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