The Pros and Cons of Agile Project Management

Let’s decide if agile project management is the right style for you. Agile project management breaks down larger projects into smaller sections. 

These smaller sections are called sprints. In terms of work time, sprints are generally short, only encompassing either a few days or weeks. Typically, a sprint is two to four weeks long.

The agile project methodology allows for teams to release segments as they’re completed to be reviewed in those short sprints. The idea is that doing projects in segments helps reduce the risk of large-scale project failures, because there is continuous improvement throughout the project.

The Pros of Agile Project Management

  • Rapid deployment of solutions,
  • more efficient use of resources,
  • greater flexibility and adaptability to changing needs,
  • more rapid detection of problems - thus quicker fixes, and
  • increased collaboration with users and, therefore, products that better meet user needs.

The Cons of Agile Project Management

  • A tendency for projects to go off track,
  • a lack of documentation and less predictable outcomes, and
  • not suitable for organizations that tend to deliberate over issues for a prolonged period or for those that take decisions to a committee.

How Envirotech Can Help an Agile Project Succeed


If you choose to go with an agile project management style for your next office move, Envirotech can help your move go from sprint to sprint and help you from design conception to installation of furniture. As you design the new office space, Envirotech can help bring you a 3D imagining of how the furniture you choose will look in the new space. We can help you select the perfect furniture for your move. With new, used, remanufactured and refurbished options, you get exactly what your project needs.

Once you have the design for the new office completed and you know exactly what furniture you want (including seating and workstations), Envirotech can source your furniture fast. Other furniture suppliers usually take 6 to 8 weeks to source furniture for large-scale office projects. Envirotech can do it in 3. If you need your furniture costs to come in well under budget, remanufactured and refurbished furniture is a great choice: inexpensive, high quality, and good for the environment.

Once the furniture has been shipped, you can still let Envirotech take care of the last sprint. Our teams of installers are experts on a massive product inventory and could practically put this catalogue together in their sleep. Each step of the move process can be separated into sprints and reported on as they are completed, so you get a complete picture of how the whole project is shaping up.

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