The Most Important Things You Need to Know About Office Design

Good office design must take a lot of factors into account: the space you’re using, what you want to fill the space with, and what you want the office design to facilitate. There are different design goals to achieve for different companies. 

One thing that is a crucial part of office design, space planning, and interior design in general, is furniture. In an office, furniture is where we spend our meetings and long hours working over a keyboard. Furniture can make an office feel friendly, trustworthy, or imposing. 

Brand Storytelling Through Office Design

A fairly recent trend in the world of office design is the concept that interior design can be used as a way to communicate company values or history: the story of a brand. Red Bull’s Santa Monica offices include a giant skateboard ramp that courses through the building. Whether you like that idea or not, it does communicate a very strong message about the kind of lifestyle Red Bull is trying to sell and associate its products with. 

Another fun example is the LEGO headquarters in Billund, Denmark. Designed to evoke LEGO bricks in most aspects of its design (except the chairs -- sitting on LEGO bricks probably wouldn’t be too fun), the headquarters exudes a fun, playful quality that is perfectly on-brand

But you don’t have to go to the extremes of having a skateboard ramp or designing your entire office building around your main product. These are just creative ideas that illustrate how innovative office design can be used to communicate what your brand values are. 

Eco-Friendly Office Design Is an Emerging Trend

image20As the world recognizes the need for decisive action against climate change, many companies are taking it upon themselves to incorporate going green into their design plans. This may mean indoor gardens like the LEGO headquarters, living walls where plants can grow down the side of an unused office wall, or even just designing an office to have less reliance on artificial light. These are all ways of promoting a greater connection and responsibility between business and our planet. 

If your company is thinking of going green or green-er, a great way to reduce landfill waste is to get remanufactured or refurbished office furniture. Remanufactured and refurbished options use significantly less or no new parts to make and actively saves used furniture from landfills. Remanufactured and refurbished furniture can be used as part of your brand storytelling, too: it will send a message that your company values sustainability and reducing needless waste. 

If you’re looking for help building your brand’s story through design or embracing eco-friendly design principles, you can get expert office design planning advice from Envirotech, along with remanufactured and refurbished furniture from top brands. 

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