The Importance of the Right Executive Suites

Whether we’re consciously aware of it or not, office design plays a vitally important role in expressing visual and tactile messages about us and the business we’re a part of. What works for an accounting office may not work for the offices of a fashion magazine. In a world where big deals are struck between relative strangers, the right office can help convey things about you and your team that words in a short meeting can’t do alone. 

Like making a decision about what you wear to a job interview, an office aesthetic says a lot about your company and what its priorities are. A law office may want to convey authority, fairness, sobriety, whereas a tech start-up may want to focus more on openness, transparency, innovation, and friendliness. 

Just like the art you put on the walls, the family photos you place on your desk, and the clothes you wear, office furniture says something about you. One employee might value utilitarian furniture over comfort. Another might choose the look of a chair above other attributes. A company that is dedicated to going green will want to prioritize environmentally friendly options. 

Furniture choices can have real implications and can help sell your brand before you’ve even shaken hands or opened your mouth. It’s an important choice, and can be quite complex. 

Let’s look at some examples of real-life executive suites. 

Great Executive Suites: The National Arrowood Respect Private Office

image24It’s there right in the title: respect. If trust, dignity, and respect is something you want to exude in your office, then the National Arrowood Respect Private Office is a solid pick. Wood finished and highly customizable, this design is elegant to its core. 

The National WaveWorks Mixit Private Office

However, what might convey a sense of authority and power to one person may seem stuffy and outdated to another. The National WaveWorks Mixit Private Office is open and minimalist. It’s friendly, and not overly concerned or too serious. If you work in a position where you want to be an open book and a cheerful friend to coworkers and colleagues, this might be more your style. 

Choose From an Incredible Diversity of Options

It would take a lot of blog posts to go over all our office suites in detail. Not only is there a lot to cover, but many office suites are available in remanufactured, refurbished, and used price ranges as well. These options often cost anywhere from 20 to 60% less than the cost of new. 

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