The Best Way to Conquer the Project Management Triangle

It’s the eternal project management struggle. You can have a project done fast and for low cost, but the quality will suffer. Or, you can do a quality project for a low cost, but it will take time. High  quality in a short time means high cost. Pick your two most important and the third option will be sacrificed. 

But project management doesn’t have to take part in the time, budget, quality triangle. There’s actually a way to get all three points of the triangle without sacrificing one. In fact, you can even add a fourth point and get furniture products that actively help protect the environment

Remanufactured and Refurbished: Finish a Quality Project Fast for Less

First a little on that fourth point: environmentally friendly products. It’s something most of us aspire to work toward as the climate crisis worsens, but often can be a hard sell to a client or partner who are not used to working with remanufactured and refurbished furniture.

People are often under the impression that environmentally friendly products are more expensive. Think of organic food: its cost can be prohibitive for many well intentioned grocery shoppers. But not every environmentally friendly product works that way. 

For organic food, different methods are used to grow the food in a way that is better for the environment but more expensive for the producer. Environmentally friendly furniture doesn’t work under the same principle. Used office furniture ends up in landfills en masse, but environmentally minded furniture suppliers save that furniture from the abyss and offer it to project managers at a lower cost. 

When it comes to quality, companies like Envirotech offer a vast selection of remanufactured products (furniture that is remanufactured to the same specifications as new, but with some used parts). The cost is lower than new furniture because not every part is new. 

As for the time part of the triangle, Envirotech delivers and assembles furniture in just 3 weeks, versus the industry average of 6 to 8. 

Avoid Project Management Headaches

Let’s break the project management triangle down. 

  • image6-2Quality: acquiring remanufactured furniture for your office project will mean you get furniture that is built to the same standards as new furniture.
  • Price: because this furniture is not built from 100% new parts, the cost is significantly reduced anywhere from 20-60%.
  • Time: because Envirotech sources furniture from a massive network of suppliers, you can get furniture 3-5 weeks faster.
  • Environmental bonus: remanufactured and refurbished furniture saves used furniture from landfills and also uses less energy to build. 

Envirotech can also remove your old furniture from your previous office. That’s a huge project management headache that will disappear, and you can feel good knowing that your old furniture will be reused. 

Want to See How Envirotech’s Benefits Will Help Your Project? 
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