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Benching allows for nearly endless variation and combinations to create unique workstations, and fit in any space. Wondering what benching is? Let us explain. Continued
When you say “office cubicle” most people have a vision in their mind of something akin to the movie Office Space. Row on row of bland grey fabric cubicles with fluorescent lighting. Continued

Cubicles for the Modern Office

When you work with Envirotech, you get the benefit of remanufactured office design which is on par with the new design . Our cubicles are available for just a small fraction of the price of new furnishings, but are carefully inspected to ensure that they meet your high standard for visual appeal ... Continued
Your workstation is where you spend most of your day. It should be a reflection of you and foster creative thinking. Continued

Ergonomic Workstations

Often times, the benefits of ergonomic office design are overlooked. It's important that employers understand the benefits to creating comfortable environments where employees feel they can excel. Continued
Envirotech is unique in its product offerings, in that we offer both new and remanufactured office furniture. Continued
The jobs we do might remain constant from day-to-day, but increasingly, where we do them is a huge variable. Continued