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Sustainability is a major initiative for commercial real estate. More and more people are seeing the need for properties to be as environmentally responsible as possible and the industry is moving to serve that need.  Continued
You want to increase the value of your business, grow your client list, and make clients so happy they’ll recommend you to everyone. You’re already satisfied with your aftercare; it’s helped get you where you are. But there are always ways to improve. Here are ways to make your commercial real ... Continued
Moving is exciting, because it’s a sign of change, new beginnings and fresh spaces. Moving means your clients will be creating new ideas and innovating in a brand new workspace. But the flip side of moving is it is a lot of hard work. Continued
You may have noticed a trend among your clients recently, particularly among the ones interested in sustainability and going green. Sustainability strategies have shifted from cost cutting and brand reputation amplifiers into full-on revenue drivers. Continued