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In the late 1940s, a high school shop teacher borrowed $10,000 from his parents after being denied a loan. He had started building furniture in his garage as a side hobby to hopefully help finance the education of his children. Continued
There is plenty of evidence to show that a more inviting workspace can lead to better employee wellness and productivity, and there’s no reason that design goals should stop short before the office cafe. Continued
If you gave a group of children some crayons and a piece of paper and asked them to draw a table, you’d probably get some predictable results. Continued
Benching allows for nearly endless variation and combinations to create unique workstations, and fit in any space. Wondering what benching is? Let us explain. Continued
The goal of a circular economy is to eliminate waste and continually reuse the resources that an item is crafted from, creating a closed loop system. Continued
You’re looking for a way to reach your environmental goals, but under our current economic model, doing so can be difficult. Continued
It’s the eternal project management struggle. Continued
Climate change and environmental sustainability are not new concepts. Continued
Office furniture has changed significantly over the years, with the design focus shifting from maximum output and productivity to ergonomic support for healthy employees and environmentally conscious choices. There is some pretty interesting history behind the evolution of office furniture. Here ... Continued