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You’re always looking for ways to provide more value to your clients. One way to do this is by providing more cost saving options. As you guide business owners through major real estate purchases, the added value you can provide in other facets of setting up a new office space can be key ... Continued
You’ve likely looked into both new and used options for office furniture on previous projects. There are obvious benefits to either option, including affordability, range of styles, and availability. But you may not know about a third option: refurbished office furniture. Continued
How you sit at your desk, sit on your chair or hold your coffee cup are all body language signals you give co-workers, bosses and clients when at the office. Here is how you can use the office furniture to communicate confidence through your body language. Continued
Running out of space is one of the biggest challenges a growing business can face. Preparing for the future while maintaining the successes of the past can create a lot of insecurity when it comes to obtaining and outfitting a new office. It’s also tempting to start with a completely fresh slate ... Continued
After time and money, space is the resource that presents the most challenges for a growing business. Even in an era of workshifting and remote work, modern companies still need a location to house employees who are developing intellectual property, performing highly-secure transactions and ... Continued

5 Ergonomic Mistakes

There are some simple ergonomic mistakes that many people make when considering office design - whether a newbie or a pro. Continued
Ergonomics in the office environment considers the needs of our evolving workforce; one of continuous learning, collaboration and interaction; as well as, privacy options, and overall healthy living. Continued
Productivity starts with being organized. Employees can spend hours looking for things in their office and on their computer, therefore being disorganized costs time and money, says organization consultant Donna David. Continued
Envirotech is unique in its product offerings, in that we offer both new and remanufactured office furniture. Continued