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Office furniture has changed significantly over the years, with the design focus shifting from maximum output and productivity to ergonomic support for healthy employees and environmentally conscious choices. There is some pretty interesting history behind the evolution of office furniture. Here ... Continued
Flat pack furniture is most famously the kind of furniture you buy at Ikea. Also known as ready-to-assemble furniture, or kit furniture, flat pack furniture comes in boxes and you assemble it yourself, usually with minimal tools like an Allen key or screwdriver. Continued
Whether you’re looking to reinvent a small office or outfit a building full of offices, Envirotech has everything you need to turn your space into a comfortable and sustainable work environment. Envirotech carries everything from high quality office chairs to ergonomic cubicles, executive office ... Continued
Managing a facility with a variety of occupants is challenging. There’s a million responsibilities and hundreds of things that need your attention.  Continued
Buying office furniture from Envirotech means you can get products from any of the major companies listed below plus many more. Here’s our list of the top brands that Envirotech remanufactures and refurbishes, and a little background to each one. Continued
A client has skipped the space planning stage and wants you to take care of space planning for a project. You’re more than glad to help out, but aren’t sure if you can deliver the kind of plans the client wants while staying under budget and getting the project done on time. Continued
When you work in government, you understand that change takes time. Bureaucracy isn’t a quick and easy process. Continued
Nurturing relationships with your existing customers is crucial to long-term success and client retention. A comprehensive commercial real estate aftercare program ensures you are always developing these important existing relationships, even if you don’t personally have time for weekly ... Continued
A circular economy minimizes waste by making the most of available resources, ensuring that everything is done to reduce, reuse and recycle. Government agencies with sustainability mandates can easily take part in the circular economy; it’s good for both the environment and taxpayers’ wallets. ... Continued