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Whether you’re undertaking a large-scale office move or transitioning to a completely new office design, one aspect of a large office change that unfortunately is not always considered a first priority is the wellbeing of employees. Continued
When you say “office cubicle” most people have a vision in their mind of something akin to the movie Office Space. Row on row of bland grey fabric cubicles with fluorescent lighting. Continued
For a long time, office design was pretty bleak. But in the last few years, we’ve seen massive changes with office furniture trends shifting more towards designing attractive, collaborative, and ergonomically correct pieces.  Continued
Sustainable project management is “the planning, monitoring and controlling of project delivery and support processes…”. Sustainable project management takes the environmental, economical, and social aspects of a project into account. Throughout the life-cycle of the project the focus always ... Continued
Let’s decide if agile project management is the right style for you. Agile project management breaks down larger projects into smaller sections.  Continued
Office design has changed dramatically in the last few decades. New generations of employees and managers have different ideas of what an office could and should look like.  Continued
Moving an office or building a new office from scratch can be so much work, especially when it needs to be done fast (and it all needs to be done fast). Often on top of impending deadlines, you’re working on a tight budget. Continued
The short answer is, yes! But you might not believe us, so we'll prove it. Continued
As a broker you’re always looking for new ways to add value to your services. You’ve set up a strong marketing strategy for your listed properties, and you have plenty of ways to attract new clients and win listings from other brokers.  Continued