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As a broker you’re always looking for new ways to add value to your services. You’ve set up a strong marketing strategy for your listed properties, and you have plenty of ways to attract new clients and win listings from other brokers.  Continued
Open and comfortable interior spaces are resources we often take for granted. As urban populations continue to increase, and because those populations want to work near where they live, the demand for appropriate office design space is growing.  Continued
There’s a recipe for curing sick building syndrome and for aiding recovery from air pollution exposure. The recipe analogy is fitting. In Louisiana, chefs call the sautéed combination of carrots, celery and onion “the trinity” at the heart of every dish. At least one researcher has found there is a ... Continued
Born between 1984 and 2004, Millennials are now the second largest demographic group in the work force. As the Baby Boomers continue to retire in massive numbers, the influence of Millennials on office design is showing itself rapidly. What’s interesting is that these design influences integrated ... Continued
Making a transition from a traditional office design that is made up of private offices and cubicles to a modern open office design, can be challenging.  Continued
Do the new trends in office furniture design support health, wellbeing & productivity in the workplace?  Are office design trends environmentally friendly? Continued
Typically, we spend more than half of our day at work. It's important to go green in your office. Here are some tips on how: Continued

Office Safety

The design of your office and everyday habits can lower the risk of accidents from happening. It is important to clearly outline and communicate policies and guidelines on office safety standards and office policies; and make sure they meet all necessary health and safety regulations. Continued

Used Office Desks

High-Quality Office Desks & Suites. They'll never know they're used. Continued