Sustainable Business Ideas for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

You may have noticed a trend among your clients recently, particularly among the ones interested in sustainability and going green. Sustainability strategies have shifted from cost cutting and brand reputation amplifiers into full-on revenue drivers.

Getting a piece of this green commercial real estate has never made more business sense, along with the increasing need for environmental reforms. Here’s how you can help protect the planet while using sustainable business ideas to keep your sales pipeline full.
  1. Go paperless. Take all your marketing and promotional materials and move them online. Remove flyers and newspaper ads from your strategy. Not only will this save you money and paper, but it will boost your brand reputation significantly. Flyers are already deeply unpopular, and likely to become even less so as more people see flyers as nothing more than tree killers. Online marketing can easily replace your flyers and outperform them in results.

  2. Make your clients’ properties more sustainable. Debt providers are beginning to see the value in sustainability. There’s a significantly lower default risk after a property is Energy Star-labelled or LEED certified. Going forward, the energy efficiency of a property will more and more factor into loan risk assessments. Since the risk for defaulting is lower, finding these more sustainable properties for your clients will please them and reflect well on your business.

  3. Source sustainable office furniture. As part of your aftercare services, helping clients find more environmentally friendly furniture will continue to build your nullreputation as a forward thinking agent with a dedication to sustainable business ideas.

    Remanufactured and refurbished furniture is less costly than new furniture but is essentially as good as new, while being much better for the environment. Less energy is used remanufacturing and refurbishing, and fewer new resources are used as well. If your client is set up in a property unlikely to default and you save them loads of money on environmentally friendly furnishings, you’ll set their company up to be a leader on sustainability, and they’ll be ecstatic in return.

Building Brand Reputation through Sustainable Business Ideas

If you choose to source office furniture from an environmentally friendly supplier like Envirotech, you can be sure you’ll have plenty of options of remanufactured and refurbished options to offer your client, as well as new and used furniture. Envirotech is also a contract dealer, and so can offer your client a vast selection of top brands. Most contract dealers take six to eight weeks to source used furniture but Envirotech can do it in three weeks. That means your client won’t spend too much time waiting for their sustainable furniture, and once again you’ll look great, and your client will want to recommend you to others.

Our Sustainable Furniture Is Also Ergonomic

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