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Most of us spend long hours sitting at desks in our offices. The majority of us don’t have great posture, and we all know how uncomfortable it can be to stay in one position for too long. Continued
Let’s decide if agile project management is the right style for you. Agile project management breaks down larger projects into smaller sections.  Continued
Collaborative workspaces are becoming more popular and look as though they’re here to stay. Continued
Workplaces are becoming more stressful, generally because of the constant connectivity we now experience through the internet and devices, and the way technology has made certain tasks easier, allowing us to do more and more.  Continued
Staying in one position for too long is uncomfortable and has significant negative health impacts. Those who spend 4+ hours sitting per day are considered to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Even if you go to the gym for an hour a day, you still are not counteracting the negative effects of sitting. Continued
Office design has changed dramatically in the last few decades. New generations of employees and managers have different ideas of what an office could and should look like.  Continued
Moving is exciting, because it’s a sign of change, new beginnings and fresh spaces. Moving means your clients will be creating new ideas and innovating in a brand new workspace. But the flip side of moving is it is a lot of hard work. Continued
We often think that we are being good global citizens by recycling whenever possible. However, a recent article by the Globe and Mail pointed out these disappointing stats about Canadian recycling: Continued
Buying office furniture from Envirotech means you can get products from any of the major companies listed below plus many more. Here’s our list of the top brands that Envirotech remanufactures and refurbishes, and a little background to each one. Continued