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When you work in government, you understand that change takes time. Bureaucracy isn’t a quick and easy process. Continued
The short answer is, yes! But you might not believe us, so we'll prove it. Continued
Nurturing relationships with your existing customers is crucial to long-term success and client retention. A comprehensive client aftercare program ensures you are always developing these important existing relationships, even if you don’t personally have time for weekly face-to-face contact with ... Continued
A circular economy minimizes waste by making the most of available resources, ensuring that everything is done to reduce, reuse and recycle. Government agencies with sustainability mandates can easily take part in the circular economy; it’s good for both the environment and taxpayers’ wallets. ... Continued
With everything on your plate at work, from budget meetings to risk mitigation strategies, why should you care about office furniture for your company? Because it is a necessary expense. You can optimize your budget by learning how to save money with environmentally friendly office furniture ... Continued
Part of your job is making sure your facility is modern, safe, and comfortable. You’re always looking for ways to upgrade your building and stay ahead of obstacles.  Continued
Every day at work is different as you tackle coordinating leasing agreements, and setting up maintenance, in addition to higher-level strategic planning. With so many items on your “to-do” list, adding sustainable or green initiatives can seem overwhelming. Continued
As Project Manager, you have a tricky line to walk. You have to deliver the furnishings your client or company wants, and you want to go above and beyond the call of duty. But you also have to complete the project on budget.  Continued
You may have noticed a trend among your clients recently, particularly among the ones interested in sustainability and going green. Sustainability strategies have shifted from cost cutting and brand reputation amplifiers into full-on revenue drivers. Continued

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