Office Chairs: Not Just Supportive, They're Interesting Too!

There are very few types of office furniture that offer us more support than our office chairs. Office chairs are often discarded long before the chair is actually worn out because the fabric wears or the style goes out of fashion. 

You might think they’re pretty boring. But office chairs are actually feats of engineering with an interesting history. 

  1. We can thank Charles Darwin for the fact that most modern office chairs have smoothly rolling wheels. Apparently, he attached wheels to the bottom of his office chair so that he could get to his specimens faster. 
  2. As businesses grew with the introduction of trains for moving products in Europe, the need for administration work increased, and this spurred the development of specific task chairs. 
  3. Otto Von Bismark, first chancellor of Germany, is credited with popularizing the office chair, distributing them to parliament during his time in office. 
  4. Early office chairs were designed to help office workers be more productive by keeping them comfortable and supporting good posture while allowing them to move around their workspace efficiently. Ergonomics have come a long way since then, but even those earliest chairs were somewhat adjustable for the individual user.

Giving Office Chairs a New Lease on Life

Instead of sending outdated or worn chairs to the landfill, Envirotech remanufactures or refurbishes them to new standards and sends them back to the market. 

Remanufactured chairs are washed and shampooed thoroughly when they arrive at our warehouse. Then they’re inspected and polished, and any lubricated parts have fresh lubricant applied. Any damaged or worn parts, like armrests, handles, or wheels are replaced. Painted parts are then painted if needed, and finally, the chairs are packed in biodegradable plastic to keep them clean until delivery. Remanufactured chairs can often be delivered in as little as 2-3 weeks, compared to the usual 4-6 weeks for delivery of brand new office chairs.

Exclusive Remanufacturing for Top Brands 

image16-1Envirotech is one of the few exclusive remanufacturers of Herman Miller office chairs. Herman Miller chairs are extremely popular because they’re very well designed and supremely comfortable, but they may be cost prohibitive for some businesses. Remanufactured options are much more affordable since remanufacturing is significantly less cost-intensive than brand new production. 

One of the most popular Herman Miller chairs we remanufacture is the Aeron Task chair. This chair is one of the most iconic Herman Miller designs. It was originally designed, in the early 90s, to be adjustable enough that anyone could be comfortable sitting in it. Since then it’s taken the office chair world by storm and has been replicated by many brands. But there’s still nothing out there that feels quite like a genuine Herman Miller chair. In 2016 the Aeron was updated with a brand new suspension system, a new spinal support system, and an improved tilt system. 

We also remanufacture a variety of other top-of-the-line Herman Miller office chairs.

Refurbished, Used, & New Office Chairs

Envirotech also refurbishes office chairs, where we clean, repair, and replace worn parts, and we also have a stock of used chairs in our warehouse. We can also provide a variety of brand new chairs through our extensive supplier network.  

Want to update the look of your office but don’t want to throw away perfectly good chairs? We have several options. We can help you choose newly remanufactured or refurbished chairs, and then we’ll buy back your old chairs. Or, we can simply update your existing chairs with fresh fabrics. We’ve got an array of durable fabrics in a variety of colours and styles, and we can quickly update the look of your whole office, within your budget. 

Remanufacturing and refurbishing chairs is the greenest option for office seating. It keeps millions of tonnes of unnecessary office waste out of landfills every year, and the process uses drastically less materials and creates way fewer emissions than brand new production.

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