Office Benching: The New & Improved Cubicle

Benching allows for nearly endless variation and combinations to create unique workstations, and fit in any space. Wondering what benching is? Let us explain.

What Is Office Benching?

Benching is the modern cure for old fashioned and inflexible cubicles. It is modular furniture that can be configured in a variety of ways to create a unique workspace that meets the needs of each user. Benching consists of several different pieces that can be used together or on their own to design a useful workspace. Typically there is usually a table, often height-adjustable for a stand-up desk, a small filing cabinet that will roll underneath the table wherever the user would like to place it. Often there is also a longer storage cabinet that will also slide under the desk that can act as an extra working surface, an extra seat for guests, or a standalone hutch piece for another space in the office. 

One of the best features of benching is that the pieces are designed to work together, so you can arrange them in a variety of ways. You could outfit just one office space with a table, storage bench, and filing cabinet. Or, you could make a long row of tables with benches nearby, to foster collaborative working for employees with laptops, or for conference meetings. 

Are There Privacy Accessories for Benching?

Benching systems and accessories are often designed with locking wheels so each element is movable but also stabilized once in position. Speaking of accessories, there are tons of options available for benching systems. You can add different heights of privacy panels or glass screening, dividers to allow for separation between workstations, cabinetry that sits on top of tables or storage units, and many even come with integrated electrical cord management to simplify set up.

Why Should I Choose Benching?

image10-2Benching allows you to make an office space more flexible. More and more companies are embracing agile working, where the staff is often out with clients, working wherever and whenever they can. While having an office space is still important for meeting with clients and working collaboratively, most businesses need less office space than they may have 10 years ago. 

With modular benching systems in a smaller space, your clients can still provide a home base for staff, but they can also quickly adjust it to a conference meeting room, or a networking space for events, or a presentation space for professional development. With benching systems. Employees still get private locking storage for their confidential files, but when needed, the furniture can be rearranged to suit different functions. 

Envirotech provides two options for benching systems, remanufactured and new.

Remanufactured benching, like this Haworth Pod of 4, is significantly more affordable than a brand new pod would be. Not only is the remanufacturing process faster and more environmentally friendly, but it also means you can choose finishes and configurations that best suit your space.

This Lacasse Cite Pod offers benching that gives you workstations for 16 people. There are a wide variety of colours and finishes available, as well as different storage options, electrical access, and sizes to choose from.\

These are just two of the choices in our inventory. There are many more styles available in our warehouse.

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