Office Accessories to Improve Work Life

What is sometimes overlooked during a big office move or redesign are the accessories to office furniture that make our lives that much easier. Accessories can make a small change that makes all the difference. 

Many types of office furniture accessories are often focused on making an individual’s work experience as comfortable and efficient as possible. The right office accessories can make a workspace cleaner, easier to use, or can even improve an employee’s physical and mental health. 

Office Accessories: Should I Stand or Should I Sit?

image11-2With plenty of evidence that sitting for long periods of time can cause health problems, and with some employees swearing by their standing desks, it looks like standing might be winning this epic struggle. But, then again, there are some tasks people still would just prefer to be sitting for. 

While it may seem like there’s no middle ground between those who want to sit and those who want to stand, that’s exactly what the Humanscale Sit/Stand Keyboard Tray and Single Monitor Arm has accomplished. A monitor arm allows you the freedom to sit when you need and stand when you want, and it’s ergonomically designed to help an employee’s body stay healthy. 

And if you want even more flexibility in your choice between sitting and standing, there’s the Ovation Sit Stand Table, allowing an employee the option to have a sitting desk or a standing one whenever the situation demands.

Biophilic Design, Meet Office Wall

image26The Mossart Preserved Moss Wall gives nature a place in your office. The moss wall doesn’t need to be watered, or trimmed, and it doesn’t even require sunlight. The water in the moss is replaced with glycerine, meaning the wall will never dry out. 

As much art as it is a plant, living walls have shown to increase employee productivity, creativity, and happiness. And, for any company that values reducing its environmental impact, nothing says going green like literally turning one of your walls into a living plant. 

Customize Your Workspace with More Monitor Arms

For anyone who spends the majority, or all, of the work day peering into various computer screens, a monitor arm can offer a degree of flexibility that reduces the amount of fatigue an employee might experience looking into their screen after long hours at work. Gone are the days of looking for a few sturdy books to prop up a monitor or pushing a screen so far back it falls behind your desk. 

A monitor arm allows you to bring your screen close when you need to see tiny details or push it away when you need a little space. Bring it up if you want to stand, or turn it away to fully utilize your desk space. The choice is up to you.  

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