Make Successful Property Management Look Easy

Managing a facility with a variety of occupants is challenging. There’s a million responsibilities and hundreds of things that need your attention. 

Envirotech can shoulder some of the responsibility for you, helping you reach your health and safety goals, making your building look good, and protecting the environment. Our experts can help specify solutions that work for your clients, including the latest trends in office design. Since we are both a manufacturer and a dealer of office furniture, we oversee every step of the process to ensure you get what you want on time, and on budget.

We work with over 25 suppliers of new furniture, as well as remanufactured classics like Haworth, Herman Miller, Knoll, Lacasse and Steelcase. Our focus on quality and design will ensure your building looks great and is sustainable.

Give Furniture a New Lease on Life

We buy used office furniture and make it look and function like new. Our remanufacturing process is comprehensive: we inspect, sand, paint, apply new fabrics or surfaces, and replace or repair parts. The remanufactured pieces will arrive to your facility looking brand new, and your clients will pay a fraction of the cost.

Remanufactured furniture is well finished, affordable, and environmentally friendly. The remanufacturing process requires significantly less materials and energy to produce, and it keeps office furniture waste out of landfills.

Envirotech’s refurbished furniture is also very affordable. Refurbished furniture is inspected, cleaned, and repaired before being sold at an affordable price.

With sustainable options for workstations, chairs, cubicles, and more, your clients will look good and so will you.

Healthy and Safety is Top of Mind

Envirotech planned Canada’s first Fitwel Certified Office and they are the only furniture dealer in North America to have an employee certified as a Well AP, Fitwel Ambassador and Well Faculty Member.

image12We are passionate about providing furniture solutions that are good for people, the planet and business. Ergonomic furniture options promote safe and healthy work practices. We want everyone in your facility to work smart and safely. Across Canada, musculoskeletal disorders (which are often a result of workplace injuries) costs $22 billion in sick days and lost time. Ergonomic furniture reduces the risk of workplace injuries and increases worker productivity and focus.

Envirotech is an industry leader when it comes to wellness in the workplace. We can consult with your clients to help them create a workspace that promotes health and safety so you can be confident your occupants are helping you reach your facility wide health and safety goals.

Services To Save You Time and Money

Envirotech is a one-stop shop for everything related to office design, furniture, setup, and moving.

Planning and Design Layout

We can help your clients maximize space without sacrificing function with smart ideas from our planning and design department. We’ll start by helping them to visualize their space using software and floor plans. Then we’ll work to build the office interior, including fabric and finish choices, and add any custom touches as needed. Our team will work in conjunction with you and your building team to ensure continuity and a seamless workflow.

Project Management

You can rest easy knowing every aspect of your office design needs are in our expert hands. Envirotech will take care of everything, from working with architects and designers, to managing clients, dealing with real-estate professionals, coordinating deliveries, and overseeing installations. Our job is to make your project simple from start to finish.

Delivery and Installation

Let our experienced installers do the work for you and your clients—from putting cubicles and workstations together, arranging filing cabinets, setting up office partitions, hanging whiteboards, and more. Our team of installation experts has significant knowledge of all the product lines we carry, so they can have your office set up in no time— anywhere in North America.

Moving and Relocation

Take the stress out of moving for you and your clients. Our installation team can quickly and efficiently relocate all office furniture to its new location. The furniture you require (cubicles and workstations, office storage) will be dismantled, packed, and shipped to your new space. Then our team carefully and seamlessly installs everything, taking care to work with and around facility teams to ensure no damage or functional interruptions. We work efficiently under tight deadlines so you can stay on schedule.

Disaster Recovery

Wherever you are in North America, when disaster strikes, you need to get back to business quickly. Trust our disaster specialists to walk you through the initial steps needed to get your business up and running again and provide help all along the way. We will take inventory and appraise your building, then provide services to clean and update any damaged furnishings. Should you need to temporarily relocate, we can coordinate emergency space planning and provide moving services.

Office Furniture Leasing

Need furniture for an office but don’t want to use operating funds? Envirotech can assist you in finding a lease company that will provide funding for the furniture and installation of the product. You can have low monthly payments and lease terms from 3 to 5 years. Have the furniture you need today and pay for it as you grow.

Office Furniture Rental

Have a short-term client that needs furniture? Need to stage a space for attracting new businesses? Envirotech can assist you with office furniture rentals. We have a large selection of workstations, ergonomic task chairs, conference room tables, and various other office furniture ready to go. Our in-house designers can assist you with space planning for your temporary needs. We have the largest inventory of office furniture in the GTA. Your office can be up and running within a week.

With Envirotech on your side, you can relax and trust your building looks good and your clients are happy, safe, and having a positive environmental impact. Make property management look easy with support from a team of experts.

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