Learn How to Save Money with Office Furniture

With everything on your plate at work, from budget meetings to risk mitigation strategies, why should you care about office furniture for your company? Because it is a necessary expense. You can optimize your budget by learning how to save money with environmentally friendly office furniture options.

How to Save Money on High-Quality Office Furniture

You might think that there are only two options for your office furniture needs: new and used. But there are actually two more options that you should consider.

  1. Refurbished furniture: used office furniture is repaired, re-upholstered or re-painted in order to make it look and work like new. Fabric that needs a refresh is replaced and, at Envirotech, only high-quality used office furniture brands are refurbished.
  2. Remanufactured office furniture: used quality office furniture is taken apart in order to construct a new product. In essence, the bones of the used furniture are assembled to create a brand new chair or desk. Remanufactured office furniture then appears new and modern, while ensuring strong structural pieces are used.

The best part of refurbished or remanufactured furniture is its affordability.

You get high-end products for bargain prices, saving 10% to 60% on what you would spend when buying new.

Envirotech products provide excellent value, with warranties to back up their modern and stylish refurbished office furniture.

Environmental Benefits of Refurbished Office Furniture

nullEnvirotech’s furniture can be low cost for the same reason that remanufactured or refurbished furniture benefits the environment. By taking furniture that was destined for a landfill and reusing it, not only is waste diverted, but the labour and energy required to construct the products is reduced by up to 85%.

You get the best of both worlds when you choose office furniture from Envirotech: quality office furniture that supports your employees at prices that support your budget. But on top of that, because Envirotech’s furniture is environmentally friendly, you can meet your sustainability goals.

Learn More About the Benefits of Sustainable Office Furniture

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