Keep Clients Happy With Epic Aftercare Services

Nurturing relationships with your existing customers is crucial to long-term success and client retention. A comprehensive commercial real estate aftercare program ensures you are always developing these important existing relationships, even if you don’t personally have time for weekly face-to-face contact with your clients.
Moving into a new commercial space can be extremely stressful for business owners, employees, and in turn, the broker. By thinking of all the potential challenges your client will face beforehand, you can develop an aftercare program that makes the process as smooth as possible, from first contact, to moving day, to future expansions.

With These Aftercare Services Client Relocation Won’t Be Stressful

nullEnvirotech can take a load of stress off your clients’ shoulders with their comprehensive services, including:

  • space planning and layout,
  • project management,
  • delivery and installation,
  • moving and relocation,
  • office furniture leasing or rental, and
  • disaster recovery.

These are all services your commercial clients may need at some point and organizing all of these components can be complicated.

Envirotech will make sure your client’s new space is set up as efficiently and ergonomically as possible, on budget and on time, so you don’t even have to think about furniture.

Environmentally Conscious Aftercare Services

You can feel good about recommending Envirotech to your clients because their remanufactured and refurbished furniture options are environmentally sustainable.

The amount of labour and energy required to remanufacture/refurbish furniture is 85% to 95% less than new production.

The process requires significantly less energy for production and produces significantly fewer greenhouse gases like carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (Co2), sulfur oxides (S0x), nitrous oxide (NOx), and volatile organic compounds.

Not only is our furniture environmentally sustainable, the price tag is also significantly lower than to buy new. Since it is more affordable, your clients can lower their furniture budget while still having high-end brands to choose from, and leave more flex room in their overall budget for commercial space.

Provide Wellness Aftercare Services Too

Envirotech’s office furniture is both environmentally friendly and ergonomic.

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