Is All Used Furniture Created Equal?

A client has skipped the space planning stage and wants you to take care of space planning for a project. You’re more than glad to help out, but aren’t sure if you can deliver the kind of plans the client wants while staying under budget and getting the project done on time.

In a case like this, new office furniture might seem like the only option, because you don’t have time to source used furniture plus do all the other space planning work. But not all used furniture is created equal. Here’s why you shouldn’t write-off used furniture when you’re on a deadline.

Know the 3 Different Kinds of Used Office Furniture

With Envirotech you can buy used, remanufactured, or refurbished furniture. All of these are different forms of used furniture and have different benefits.

  1. Used furniture is acquired as is and sold in its current condition. Buying used is often the least expensive option but the furniture has some bumps and bruises. Envirotech’s vast network of suppliers provides you with plenty of used furniture options to choose from.
  2. Remanufactured furniture uses old parts from discarded furniture mixed with new and is built to the same standards as brand new furniture. However, since not all the parts are new, it is less expensive.
  3. Refurbished furniture is used furniture that has any small problems or dents or scratches repaired.

All three of these options are less expensive than new furniture, more environmentally friendly (an idea you can use to help sell the idea of buying used furniture to your client), and even ergonomic. Each is available from Envirotech in as little as 3 weeks instead of the usual 6-8 most contract dealers need to source office furniture.

What’s especially great is if you save your client enough money on their furniture budget by buying from Envirotech, that’s more money you’ve just freed up in their budget to spend on your services.

nullSo that’s great, you’re thinking. You can get used office furniture quickly, under budget, and even help the environment at the same time. But that still doesn’t solve the problem of all the space planning work you have to do, even if you know where you’re getting the furniture from.

Envirotech can take care of the space planning stage of your project for you. We can help with the planning stage of a space, as well as the space planning stage (we can even show you a three-dimensional mock-up of the furniture in the space so you get a better sense of the end result). Envirotech can also remove any existing furniture from the space that is no longer wanted.

The furniture Envirotech buys-back goes into the remanufactured and refurbished process, again keeping products out of landfills and reintroducing them into the circular economy.

Get Ergonomic Used Office Furniture That’s Also Good for the Environment

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