Introduction to a Great Furniture Brand: Haworth

In the late 1940s, a high school shop teacher borrowed $10,000 from his parents after being denied a loan. He had started building furniture in his garage as a side hobby to hopefully help finance the education of his children. Eventually, the enterprising shop teacher G.W. Haworth began building checkout counters and cabinets. In under 20 years the company had grown to exceed $3 million in sales (in 1966 dollars) and had grown to employ over 100 employees. He had definitely achieved his goal of paying for his kids’ educations.

Today, over sixty years later, Haworth is one of the three largest office furniture manufacturers in the world. 

Fun Facts About Haworth, an Amazing Office Furniture Manufacturer

  • Haworth’s headquarters are still located in Holland, Michigan where G.W. Haworth first started his homemade furniture business. In 2018, Haworth underwent a massive reinvention of its headquarters to make the building much more energy efficient and sustainable
  • Haworth started as a family-owned company and all these years later has managed to remain so.
  • To celebrate its 70 years as a company, Haworth gave out extra bonuses to its employees: $1000 for full-time employees and $500 for part-time employees, totalling around $5 million. 
  • Haworth holds over 350 patents, has made over $1.8 billion in sales, has over 6000 members worldwide, 81 sales offices and showrooms, and operates in over 120 countries. 

What It’s Like to Work with Haworth

It’s pretty clear that Haworth is one of the all-time greats when it comes to office furniture brands. That’s why Envirotech has worked hard to become a remanufacturer of Haworth chairs. 

Rebuilt to Haworth’s exact factory specifications, Envirotech’s remanufactured furniture is indistinguishable from a new product. The only difference is that some old parts are reused, saving those parts from landfills and helping to reduce the overall cost of the product. 

image8-3From Envirotech, get all these fantastic remanufactured Haworth products for 20-60% off the cost of new:

You can also get the Haworth Zody Task Chair, a sleek high-end chair with a mesh back, designed to ergonomically support your posture. And it’s available in many colours, with all kinds of feature options available to truly customize your Haworth chair. 

Want to Learn More About Envirotech’s Remanufactured Haworth Products?

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