How to Reduce Waste by Joining the Circular Economy

You’re looking for a way to reach your environmental goals, but under our current economic model, doing so can be difficult. In a model that is based on the consumption of unlimited resources in a world of limited resources, we all struggle to conserve more and waste less. 

But there’s another economic model we can look to for inspiration: the circular economy. By using the circular economic model for inspiration, we can make changes in our offices that reduce waste and promote good environmental practices that can help everyone reach carbon reduction goals. 

Knowing How to Reduce Waste: What Is the Circular Economy?

The circular economy is a system of economics that aims to reduce the amount of new raw materials consumed and promote reusing products, so that a product is reused over and over in different forms: hence, the “circle” in the circular economy. It’s a cycle that has no wasteful end.

Here are 2 ways you can help shift your department’s ruling economic model to a circular one:

  1. Work with companies who actively promote the circular economy through green business practices, and who inspire their peers to make the change to the circular model. 
  2. Model your department on the change you wish the rest of the world to follow. Your model can involve anything from equipping your building with energy saving lights to procuring environmentally responsible office assets, like chairs and workstations.  

Show Climate Leadership by Building an Eco-Friendly Office Space

image18When people think of the most wasteful materials in an office, they usually picture paper waste or inefficient air conditioning, and although these are both sources of enormous waste, there’s something else that doesn’t always come to mind. 

Discarded office furniture can be a huge source of waste. Office assets that have been thrown away account for 8.5 million tonnes of garbage every year in American landfills. It’s hard to even conceive of that much waste, let alone setting out to fix it. 

But there is a way to start learning how to reduce waste in greater ways.

Envirotech offers two main office furniture options that are based in sustainability: remanufactured and refurbished products from top brands. Remanufactured office furniture and refurbished office furniture both require less energy to produce than new furniture and both help save used product from ending up in landfills. 

By working with Envirotech, you can help promote better circular economy business practices and drive towards a more sustainable future. 

Curious to Know More About the Circular Economy and Envirotech?

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