How to Manage Change for Employees During an Office Transformation

Whether you’re undertaking a large-scale office move or transitioning to a completely new office design, one aspect of a large office change that unfortunately is not always considered a first priority is the wellbeing of employees.

But the wellbeing of employees is always a priority. To help your team manage stress and stay productive during a big move is no simple task. But you’re a master of project management, and you can help employees decide how to manage change in a way that helps the whole office succeed. 

How to Manage Change During an Office Transition: Communication

image12You might have a perfect vision in your mind of the benefits of your new office change. You know it’s designed for employee wellness; it’s a paragon of an environmentally friendly office space. It’s an office made for efficient work, but not stressful work. You’ve done everything to plan out a better office than your last one. And all that’s great!

But don’t forget to make sure to communicate the greatness of your plan to your team. Think big picture, so you don’t get discouraged by all the old office furniture. Help your employees see the same vision. 

It’s easy for employees to lose morale during the middle of a big change, when they can’t see the finished office, and they’re surrounded by packing boxes and exposed electrical outlets. Help the employees understand the choices you’re making in the context of the larger change and soon your madness will begin to look much more like method.  

Allow Input and Offer Employee Choice

One of the greatest ways to help employees accept change during an office move or redesign is to give them opportunities for input into the new design. 

You may have developed your plan with professional designers and consultants and have supreme confidence in the excellence of your design. But remember that the employees are the ones who are going to be using the office on a daily basis, and their comfort and efficiency is important. What makes sense on blueprints might not be the best way for your employees to organize their space. Take the unique identity of your workplace into account and accept employee ideas whenever you can.

Make sure you get your office furniture from a supplier like Envirotech, where you can choose from a massive selection of furniture styles that will delight any employee. Also find environmentally friendly options, which more and more employees are starting to ask for, that will set their minds at ease. Envirotech also specializes in all aspects of project management, from design to furniture assembly to moving. You’re already a veteran of project management, but it never hurts to have another expert to help your project when you need it. Your employees will be glad for the help, especially when it helps their office get back to normal sooner. 

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