How To Fulfill Your Sustainability Mandate

Sustainability mandates typically focus on energy consumption initiatives, recycling programs, and generating less waste. But there are many innovative ways to fulfill your sustainability mandate in an office setting.

Maximize Sustainability in Your Office Furniture Selection

When you need to replace your office furniture, purchase refurbished or remanufactured furniture instead of new products. Envirotech produces furniture that is high quality, modern-looking, and helps you fulfill your sustainability mandate.

The environmental benefits of choosing refurbished or remanufactured furniture over new are as follows:

  • image8Because only select pieces are repainted and reupholstered, far less materials are used that offset gas VOCs (volatile organic compounds), reducing harmful emissions
  • High quality pieces are saved from landfills, which reduces air and water pollution
  • Natural resources are conserved; for every 1lb of refurbished office furniture produced, 5-9lbs of raw material are saved
  • 85-95% less energy is consumed when producing refurbished furniture versus manufacturing new furniture

On top of hitting your sustainability goals, purchasing refurbished or remanufactured furniture is also much less money than purchasing new. You can save up to 60% by choosing sustainable furniture.

Participate in Buy-Back Programs to Reduce Waste

If you purchase high-quality office furniture, many suppliers will have buy-back programs you can participate in as part of the circular economy. The key premise is to keep waste out of landfills by reselling and reusing valuable items. Landfills are associated with land disturbances and contamination, so minimizing solid waste is an important sustainability pillar.

Envirotech offers a buy-back program on their furniture, making it easy for you to dispose of old office furniture, while knowing it’s being handled in an environmentally-friendly manner. You’ll also receive some money for your used furniture, and save time by not having to sell it yourself.

Use Moving Services That Care About Sustainability

When your office needs to move, you can ensure sustainability is a top priority. Consider all the packing materials you’ll be using to transport the office furniture, and how much of it can be recycled or reused.

If you purchase furniture from Envirotech or contract them to help you with your move, they’ll not only disassemble/assemble all furniture for you, but they’ll also make sure that the packing materials are disposed of in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. You can easily pass the task off to a company known for its sustainable products and mission.

Learn More About Sustainable Options for Your Office

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