How to Build the Perfect Collaborative Workspaces

A big emerging trend in office design is the idea of the collaborative workspace. Change is coming to the classic cubicle-filled office. A fresh generation of millennial minimalists crave connection and openness. It’s the perfect time for a revolution in office design.  

You may have heard of an open office concept and been to and worked in a few yourself. A cousin to an open office is the collaborative workspace. Maybe it’s a response to the alienation that can come from working alone on the web or on our devices, but collaborative workspaces have emerged as a popular trend that is good for employees’ wellbeing as well as increasing productivity. 

What You Need to Make the Perfect Collaborative Workspace Happen 

A collaborative workspace is an office space designed to foster creativity and collaboration. The designs usually try to avoid stuffy, traditional meeting spaces and attempt to inspire spontaneity and uninhibited brainstorming. So the designer of a collaborative workspace tends to want furniture that is movable or customizable, so employees can move seating to any configuration that meets their current needs. A good collaborative workspace aims to avoid staticity. 

Another common staple of a collaborative workspace is a large board (like a whiteboard or chalkboard) that is easily accessible so that ideas can be expressed visually. The idea of these spaces is to get employees together in a way that fosters creativity and outside-the-box thinking. 

Because every company is different and holds different values, whatever can best achieve creative ideas will change between companies. So that’s why it’s best, when designing a collaborative space, to have a vast selection of furniture available to find the best option for your needs. 

The Krug Zolla Lounge: Adding Spice to Your Collaborative Workspace

image4-2From the picture alone you can tell this furniture is conducive to creativity and spontaneous interactions between coworkers. Off-beat and hip, but still sober enough to look the part of office furniture, this set has all the features of a great collaborative workspace in the making. 

Envirotech has a huge variety of furniture that caters to a collaborative workspace design, so you don’t have to make sacrifices when it comes to the ultimate modern and collaborative office. 

Want to See a Huge Selection of Collaborative Workspaces?

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