Have You Considered These Benefits to Refurbished Office Furniture?

You’ve likely looked into both new and used options for office furniture on previous projects. There are obvious benefits to either option, including affordability, range of styles, and availability. But you may not know about a third option: refurbished office furniture.

Refurbished office furniture is an affordable and high-quality alternative to purchasing either new or used furniture. Envirotech collects and inspects furniture from well-known brands for refurbishment. Any materials with wear and tear are replaced, and the pieces are re-painted or refinished to be as good as new.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Refurbished Office Furniture?

Just like new and used furniture, refurbished office furniture has its own benefits. The variety available from Envirotech is extensive (probably much more than you’d imagine), the pieces are less expensive than new office furniture, and there’s even a five-year warranty provided. Because the brands that Envirotech refurbishes are high quality, such as Haworth and Herman Miller, it’s easy to guarantee the continued performance of the products.

But there are 4 additional benefits, which you may not have considered, when buying refurbished office furniture:

1. Conservation of Natural Resources

When you purchase refurbished office furniture, you’re extending the life of the products and using fewer raw materials.

For each pound of refurbished material, 5-9 lbs of raw materials are conserved.

Conserving materials translates into cost savings for your project, but it also reduces the pressures put on current natural resources, which may be important considerations for you and your clients.

2. Reducing Solid Waste


Refurbished furniture extends product life cycles, and keeps them out of the solid waste stream, which is much better for the environment. Solid waste ends up in landfills or incinerators, and according to the Government of Canada, this can lead to air pollution, water contamination, and land disturbances. Refurbished materials are simply another way to reduce, reuse, and recycle within your local community.

3. Lower Labour and Energy Usage

By reducing the amount of work required to get a product to market, such as in refurbishment over new manufactured products, labour and energy usage are minimized.

Since 85-95% less energy is used to refurbish a product, you will save money and the environment.

4. Decreased Air Pollution

As an added benefit to the lower energy usage, there will also be less greenhouse gases, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and noxious chemicals emitted into the atmosphere. The extensive manufacturing processes that are required to take raw material and create a finished produce for an office setting are largely avoided when you purchase refurbished products. If your client has a social mission as a part of their business plan, refurbished office furniture could be the best fit.

Benefits of High-Quality Refurbished Office Furniture

Because Envirotech produces high-quality refurbished office furniture, you can also ensure that your client’s workplace benefits from the wellness of ergonomic furniture.

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