Fun Facts About Furniture In Your Office

Office furniture has changed significantly over the years, with the design focus shifting from maximum output and productivity to ergonomic support for healthy employees and environmentally conscious choices. There is some pretty interesting history behind the evolution of office furniture. Here are a few fun facts about the furniture that we use every day.

3 Fun Facts About Furniture

  1. Charles Darwin added wheels to his office chair so he could get to his specimens more quickly.
  2. The word ergonomics was first used in 1857 by Polish scholar Wojciech Jastrzębowski, but the concept of work-related illness and injury was mentioned as far back as ancient Egypt.
  3. The true origins of filing cabinets are a mystery, but the idea was perfected by none other than librarians, those meticulous records keepers, in 1876.

6 Fun Facts About Sustainable Furniture (Plus a Bonus One)

croissant-QgeySC9Fsk4-unsplashDid you know that that Envirotech’s furniture options are part of a sustainable circular economy? Not only are they sustainable, they’re also ergonomic, supporting healthy bodies and a healthy planet. How do we do it?

  1. For each pound of natural resources used in refurbishing or remanufacturing, 5-9 pounds of original materials are conserved.
  2. The amount of labour and energy to alter an existing product is 85-95% less than the energy required to make a new product.
  3. Refurbishing and remanufacturing reduces solid waste by diverting office furniture products from the waste stream.
  4. Ergonomic furniture helps reduce the risk of major health concerns by encouraging users to move around more and regularly change their position.
  5. Ergonomic furniture helps reduce the amount of worker’s compensation claims by supporting proper posture and reducing stress on joints.
  6. Employees who are comfortable, free of pain, and can move around, are more productive than those bothered by pain or a non-ergonomic working environment.

Bonus Fun Fact: Envirotech’s ergonomic and environmentally sustainable furniture is 30-60% less than the cost of brand new, and comes with a warranty. All refurbished furniture has a 5-year warranty, and all remanufactured furniture has a lifetime warranty.

Find Out How Ergonomic Furniture Supports Your People and the Planet

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