Do the Job No One Wants: Remove Packing Materials

Moving is exciting, because it’s a sign of change, new beginnings and fresh spaces. Moving means your clients will be creating new ideas and innovating in a brand new workspace. But the flip side of moving is it is a lot of hard work.

The Energetic and Environmental Toll of Moving

While most commercial real estate clients are over-the-moon about finding a new space, moving is a drain on their energy and resources. Packing everything up, hiring movers, unpacking, and then disposing of all the packing materials takes an energetic toll.

Moving is also hard on the environment. In addition to transporting goods, which releases emissions into the atmosphere, the packing materials are essentially one-use products that can end up in landfills. Boxes can certainly be recycled, but depending on the moving company hired, it’s difficult to know for sure if this will be the case.

Arrange for Aftercare That Removes All Packing Materials

To help improve client retention, consider recommending aftercare services to ease stress around moving. You could do the leg work on finding the right fit for your clients for many services:

  • Moving companiesnull
  • Box and packing materials suppliers
  • Waste disposal after moving

Some moving services even include project management, so your clients can stay focused on running their business through the move. Envirotech is one of these companies. Included in their moving services are:

  • Disassembly of all current furniture by a skilled team
  • Transport to the new location
  • Reassembly of office furniture
  • Removal and proper recycling of all packing materials
  • Project management services to organize all logistics

Because Envirotech provides sustainable remanufactured and refurnbished office furniture and associated services, you can assure your environmentally conscious clients that they are the best green choice for their move. Envirotech is cost effective, experienced and understanding of your clients’ desire for sustainable service providers.

Make Sure the Services You Recommend Are Affordable

Aftercare and complimentary service recommendations are key pieces of value that you offer current and future clients. Be sure you are up to speed on the latest resources that guarantee value for your clients’ money.

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