Cubicles for the Modern Office

When you work with Envirotech, you get the benefit of remanufactured office design which is on par with the new design . Our cubicles are available for just a small fraction of the price of new furnishings, but are carefully inspected to ensure that they meet your high standard for visual appeal and structural stability.

These products come from many leading brands and a wide range of sources, so you can always count on finding options with innovative features and speciality models, like ergonomic workstations and call centre workstations, in our selection. Additionally, these office cubes are highly eco-friendly, since they would otherwise end up as unnecessary landfill waste. In fact, the Canadian Green Building Council and U.S. Green Building Council both count the use of used office workstations and other furniture as an element for their coveted L.E.E.D. certifications.

Benefits of Adding Cubicles to Your New Office Design

Office cubicles have become more modular to cater to specific needs of a company and its employees. They can create a quality team and collaborative environment and ensure proper privacy and quietness in a more focused setting. Modular workstations allow businesses the flexibility to adjust the layout, making it easy to accommodate staffing and team changes.

Envirotech offers a variety of new and refurbished modular workstations and office cubicles ready to be assembled in your office. Many of the cubicles are ergonomic, offering infinite adjustments for keyboard position, monitor positions, lights, shelves and more.

Office cubicles can be assembled in a row to with a small divide as a call center workspace, or as an individual/group work areas depending on the space and desired layout.

In addition to selling used office cubicles, Envirotech has a team devoted to restoring Haworth Premise workstations. We strip these systems down and repair their underlying structure, then give them fresh paints, work surfaces, laminates and upholstery to create products that look and work just like new. In fact, we can customize all of these options on our refurbished cubicles to specifically suit your décor.