Are You Considering Buying a Standing Desk?

If you have a job where you sit all day long, you know that it can be uncomfortable. No one can sit the entire day without breaks and it can actually be very bad for your health. For people who do work at a desk all day, standing desks can be a good option. Working from a standing desk increases your metabolism and increases blood circulation. Standing desks are better for overall health. Sitting all day is related to increased chances of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, blood clots and more.

Fixed Height vs Adjustable Height Standing Desks

Fixed height desks are just what they sound like. They cannot move up and down. Adjustable desks can be moved up or down according to your height and your needs. One of the benefits of fixed height standing desks is that they are less costly. On the other hand, adjustable height standing desks allow you to go from standing to sitting. You won’t want to stand all day long; in fact it is recommended that you don’t. With adjustable standing desks, you can set the height to your preference. If you do choose to get a fixed height standing desk, you’ll need to find the right chair so that you are able to sit when you want to take a break from standing.

Types of Adjustable Standing Desks

There are three types of adjustable standing desks. The cheapest option is the hand crank adjustable desk. One of the problems of the hand crank desk is that they can be unreliable. If the items on your desk are not set up so that the weight is proportionate across your desk, you may find that the hand crank desk cannot handle the weight proportions and will raise the desk unevenly. The second type of adjustable standing desk is an electrical adjustment. The desk is raised or lowered with the push of a button. This is the best option for the person that wants to vary sitting and standing throughout the day and likes to sit at a typical desk chair. The third type of adjustable desk is called outliers. They are neither hand crank or electronic but instead, they often use compression to make the desk move up and down. Electric adjustable standing desks tend to be the most reliable. They are easy to adjust, they move up and down easily, and they make it easy to move from standing to sitting in just a few minutes. Although they do cost more than a hand crank desk, the electronic desk will make your life much easier and you will have an easier time when moving between standing and sitting.

Tips for Buying a Standing Desk

1. Try it at home with the makeshift option first. You may want to try standing at the kitchen counter with a desktop. You can also add a temporary shelf to your current desk. The idea is to get the feel for using a standing desk before you actually make the purchase. Standing desks might not be the best choice for you and it is better to find out before you actually make the investment.

2. If you have a laptop as your main computer, you will want to get a computer monitor that is separate. This will help you keep the keyboard and the monitor at the right heights.

3. Don’t buy without trying. You will want to make sure to try the desk out in person. Returning an adjustable desk can be troublesome and costly.

4. If you are buying an electronic adjustable desk, find out what the repair policies are. Sending back desks or even just parts can cost a lot of money. It can also take a lot of time. Do some research online about how often parts need to be repaired for the desk that you are considering buying. Look for consumer reviews to get a better idea of what the actual user experience was like.

5. There are many brands of adjustable desks on the market they will vary in price and in style. Make sure that you look at several different types of adjustable desks before you make a final decision.

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