Can You Use Flat Pack Furniture for Your Next Office Move?

Flat pack furniture is most famously the kind of furniture you buy at Ikea. Also known as ready-to-assemble furniture, or kit furniture, flat pack furniture comes in boxes and you assemble it yourself, usually with minimal tools like an Allen key or screwdriver.

You may have bought some flat pack furniture for your home and thought it would be the best way to furnish your next office move. It’s easy to see the appeal of flat pack furniture since it’s affordable, easy to deliver (because the furniture comes in stackable boxes), and relatively easy to assemble (though how many relationships have ended up in hot water over assembling a dresser?). Flat-pack furniture is customizable through furniture hacks.

There are undeniably a lot of advantages. But there’s a difference between buying a few pieces of flat pack for your apartment and entirely furnishing an office that way. Let’s see if flat pack furniture is right for you.

The Downsides of Flat Pack Furniture for the Office

We’ve already listed the main pros of flat pack furniture, so now let’s look at some of the cons.

1. Flat pack furniture is not very durable.

It depends on the product, but as a general rule flat pack furniture is not as resistant to wear and tear as other furniture. Generally this is due to the inexpensive materials used and also because each piece has to be simple enough to be assembled by the customer. At home this is not so much of an issue. But at the office, furniture needs to be used daily for many hours and will probably endure more use from many different people. Plus, if you’re buying on a large scale this might mean you have to replace furniture more often, meaning the money you save initially might be lost by having to replace flimsy products.

2. Flat pack furniture takes a lot of time to assemble.

image4One of the most frustrating things about flat pack furniture is its assembly. Even if everything goes right, it will still take a lot of precious time to assemble all the furniture needed for an office. Many office moves are tight on time as it is. Yes, you can pay for assemblers to come in and build your flat pack furniture for you, but that’s another expense you were trying to avoid.

When you get furniture from Envirotech, you get all of the pros of flat pack furniture with none of the downsides. For example, if you buy remanufactured or refurbished furniture from Envirotech, you’ll still be spending less money than if you bought new, but unlike flat pack furniture, Envirotech’s remanufactured or refurbished furniture is much more durable since it is made from parts of top-of-the-line products. Essentially you can get the best office furniture on the market without paying top prices.

We can deliver the furniture, assemble it in record time, move your old office, and even take care of any old and unwanted office furniture you have, ensuring it will stay out of landfills. Envirotech’s remanufactured and refurbished furniture is also much more environmentally friendly than flat pack furniture, because fewer new resources are used in the process, and less energy is spent on their manufacture.

With Envirotech You Get Value for Money
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