5 Ways To Take a Holistic Approach to Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness is so much more than health insurance plans and sick day allocation. Wellness is about the promotion of optimal health, not simply the mitigation of sickness. Workplaces that incorporate a more holistic approach to wellness look at how to impact not only the employees’ health positively, but also that of the entire planet.

5 Ways Workplace Wellness Can Be Incorporated

Whether you are an employee, trusted advisor, or the owner of a workplace, you can promote and ask for solutions that are more conducive to overall wellness. Here are 5 ways workplace wellness can be improved by taking a holistic approach.

1. Invest in Ergonomic Furniture for Employee Health

The most obvious incorporation of workplace wellness is in the office furniture you are using, and whether it is ergonomic. Employees spend most of their weekdays at their desks, so the more that is done to optimize the health of this setting, the better.

Ergonomic furniture helps to support people better when they are at work, resulting in fewer musculoskeletal disorders and better overall health. The long-term returns on less sick days and higher overall employee health and happiness far outweigh the initial investment.

2. Purchase Refurbished Office Furniture for the Green Advantages

If the costs of ergonomic furniture are prohibitive, consider purchasing refurbished or remanufactured options. You get the same high-quality, health-supportive benefits, but at a fraction of the price. The low-cost option also happens to be much better for the environment, and by extension, for all people.

For example, fewer emissions are released into the atmosphere when producing refurbished furniture, helping to keep the air breathable for everyone. In addition, refurbished furniture diverts waste from landfills, which also has long-term positive effects on keeping water clean.

3. Promote Shutting Down in the Evenings

By encouraging work-life balance, you are supporting a healthier lifestyle for everyone in the office. Consider implementing procedures to encourage everyone to shut down in the early evening. Power down all computers, turn off the lights, and get out of the office by 6pm. It’s at this time of day people have the highest body temperatures and blood pressures.

Having a set time that people can turn off work and leave the office behind for the day is healthy. Promote listening to relaxing music or an audiobook on the commute home to combat high blood pressure. The environmental benefits of shutting down electronics, lights, and even the HVAC system will save on power and positively affect the business’s bottom line.

4. Design Inspiring Spaces for Employee Happiness

image21-1When designing workspaces, consider how you want people to feel. If you’ve purchased new or refurbished office furniture, consider making the colour choices cohesive and calming. Perhaps also look to incorporate living plants to bring nature into the office and improve air quality.

In addition, replace harsh fluorescent lights with LED lights that are not only more energy-efficient, but they also better simulate sunlight. Upgrades that help cut down on fatigue and offer a sense of calm are good for employee wellness, and help to show how much the company values its people. In an era when people frequently change jobs are seeking more fulfilling work, providing inspiration in the office is a great way to start.

5. Bring in Reinforcements to Become a FitWel Workplace

Lastly, you can bring in outside help from consultants and experts in sustainability and the latest workplace wellness trends. Envirotech can help connect you with Andy Delisi, who is a FitWel Ambassador.

Andy has experience working with architects, designers, and business owners to incorporate workplace wellness. FitWel is a comprehensive certification Andy can help you achieve, which optimizes the overall health and wellness of all building occupants.

Support Workplace Wellness with Ergonomics First

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