3 Reasons Commercial Real Estate Needs to Be Sustainable Real Estate

Sustainability is a major initiative for commercial real estate. More and more people are seeing the need for properties to be as environmentally responsible as possible and the industry is moving to serve that need. 

The need goes beyond energy requirements, too: people want everything within their building to be sustainably sourced, from furniture to curtains and everything in between.

Of course, all shifts to a more sustainable business model are not without their pushback, risk, and cost (although often more sustainable models actually save you money, but we’ll get to that later).

Here are some reasons why commercial real estate should put its focus on sustainability. 

1. Sustainable Real Estate Means Lower Operating Costs for Clients

One advantage of sustainable real estate is that it will mean lower operating costs for clients. Lower operating costs will improve clients’ happiness with their building and your services but, as an extra advantage, spending less on operating costs will free up more money in their budgets to spend on your services. 

2. Sustainability Increases Property Value

Sustainability is increasing property values, because sustainable properties will continue to be helpful and energy efficient in the future. As unsustainable properties struggle to upgrade, your properties will already meet the necessary requirements. When you eventually sell the property when your lease expires or during a resale, your profits will be higher because of the greater property value. 

3. Green Offices Boost Productivity - A Major Win-Win

image14According to the Canadian Green Building Council, green offices have been found to boost productivity and performance, enhancing worker satisfaction and reducing sick leave and absenteeism. A green office space means more savings for your clients, which again will free up more money in their budget to spend on your services. You’ll be the star of the show for providing your client with a property that both fit their green building needs and also boosted employee efficiency. 

Looking for a fast track to sustainability once you’re certified? Recommending your clients source their furniture from Envirotech is an excellent way of showing you support sustainability. Envirotech offers remanufactured and refurbished office furniture that conserves energy during the manufacturing process and reduces landfill waste because it utilizes used parts. 

Want to Learn One Easy Way to Make a Property More Sustainable?

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