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You’ve likely looked into both new and used options for office furniture on previous projects. There are obvious benefits to either option, including affordability, range of styles, and availability. But you may not know about a third option: refurbished office furniture. Continued
How you sit at your desk, sit on your chair or hold your coffee cup are all body language signals you give co-workers, bosses and clients when at the office. Here is how you can use the office furniture to communicate confidence through your body language. Continued

Cubicles for the Modern Office

When you work with Envirotech, you get the benefit of remanufactured office design which is on par with the new design . Our cubicles are available for just a small fraction of the price of new furnishings, but are carefully inspected to ensure that they meet your high standard for visual appeal ... Continued
If you have a job where you sit all day long, you know that it can be uncomfortable. No one can sit the entire day without breaks and it can actually be very bad for your health. For people who do work at a desk all day, standing desks can be a good option. Working from a standing desk increases ... Continued
Open and comfortable interior spaces are resources we often take for granted. As urban populations continue to increase, and because those populations want to work near where they live, the demand for appropriate office design space is growing.  Continued
There’s a recipe for curing sick building syndrome and for aiding recovery from air pollution exposure. The recipe analogy is fitting. In Louisiana, chefs call the sautéed combination of carrots, celery and onion “the trinity” at the heart of every dish. At least one researcher has found there is a ... Continued
Born between 1984 and 2004, Millennials are now the second largest demographic group in the work force. As the Baby Boomers continue to retire in massive numbers, the influence of Millennials on office design is showing itself rapidly. What’s interesting is that these design influences integrated ... Continued
Making a transition from a traditional office design that is made up of private offices and cubicles to a modern open office design, can be challenging.  Continued

Used Conference Tables

Your conference room is where the big stuff happens. You want people to be comfortable so they can stay motivated.  Continued