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The goal of a circular economy is to eliminate waste and continually reuse the resources that an item is crafted from, creating a closed loop system. Continued
You’re looking for a way to reach your environmental goals, but under our current economic model, doing so can be difficult. Continued
Whether we’re consciously aware of it or not, office design plays a vitally important role in expressing visual and tactile messages about us and the business we’re a part of. Continued
It’s the eternal project management struggle. Continued
Climate change and environmental sustainability are not new concepts. Continued
Discussion of carbon emissions has been a big part of sustainability in the last decade. Continued
Sustainability is a major initiative for commercial real estate. More and more people are seeing the need for properties to be as environmentally responsible as possible and the industry is moving to serve that need.  Continued
Whether you’re undertaking a large-scale office move or transitioning to a completely new office design, one aspect of a large office change that unfortunately is not always considered a first priority is the wellbeing of employees. Continued
When you say “office cubicle” most people have a vision in their mind of something akin to the movie Office Space. Row on row of bland grey fabric cubicles with fluorescent lighting. Continued